The subsidized clinic is a project by MSAAW Foundation to offer support to women.

We are facilitating subsidized psychological and counselling services to survivors of Sexual and Gender based violence. This is part of our campaign to create a violence free society.

What is the clinic about?

The clinic is an initiative to bring mental health aid to women, especially women who have faced or are facing gender-based violence. We aim to provide therapy and counselling to adult women who are in need of and wish to seek therapy.
As an organisation, we are working towards creating an inclusive and violence free society. This project is with the goal to offer services with reduced cost to women who have faced any Sexual or Gender based violence. It is our own simple way, to right the wrong, a wrong that shouldn’t have happened in the first place.
The process will entail a short interaction with us to understand what you are looking for , followed by matching you up with a mental health professional.

Who is it for?

The clinic currently caters only to adult women (ages 18+)

How do we function?

We have therapists and counsellors working with us who would take in cases as per their specialization.
For example, if you you want the focus of your therapy to be on a certain problem you are facing currently, then you're connected to a therapist trained in a short-term problem-focused form of therapy; if you wish to talk at length and process challenges and issues you're facing now and have in the past, you will be connected to a therapist trained in a long-term therapy that focuses on the cause of the issues.

What is a crisis intervention?

Crisis intervention is mental health first aid that employs a specific psychotherapeutic approach to stabilize the individual in crisis. It is time-limited and intensive. The clinic is *not* a crisis intervention service.

Please note, seeking counselling or therapeutic services is a voluntary commitment. Any change for betterment and well being requires time and patience.
However, in case the services seem unsatisfactory and unhelpful, you are free to terminate the sessions as per your convenience. You can reach out to us for any clarification and we are available for a conversation.


Fill this contact form and apply for a pre-counselling interaction (evaluating is not exactly the right word) with us.

Other methods of communication. You can also reach out to us via

  1. Disclaimer
  2. MSAAW Foundation merely acts as a facilitating organization that brings together volunteering experts with mental health expertise to help individuals who may require their services.
  3. There is no employer-employee or principal-agent relationship between MSAAW Foundation and the volunteering experts.
  4. MSAAW does not have any control over the volunteering experts’ methods of rendering service or advice and, consequently, is not responsible in any way for the actions of the volunteering experts.
  5. As much as MSAAW takes every effort to connect individuals with the necessary medical services, the same are not guaranteed and are subject to the availability of volunteering experts.
  6. These services may not be demanded as a matter of right and MSAAW Foundation reserves its right to refuse service to any individual on its sole discretion.
  7. This service is not a helpline or a crisis intervention portal.
  8. The average time we take to get back to you is between 24-36 hours
  9. The data you are required to fill in the contact form is highly confidential and will not be shared with anyone except your therapist and your contact person.